Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tech: Favorite Apps

I'm not sure how I survived without my phone. Seriously y'all. I love how it helps me connect with people (text, social media) and how it helps me disconnect (games, reading). This is my home screen and I use pretty much all of these on a daily basis. Here's the breakdown (leaving out the obvious - camera, music, etc.)

VSCOcam - I don't know too many people who haven't heard of this app. I love the variety of filters they have and use this quite a bit to edit my photos.

Clue - This nifty little app tracks your period. Pretty basic, I know, but it will also alert you when you are about you begin your next cycle. As if we didn't already know! It also tracks your flow, ovulation, cramps, mood, etc. 

iDream - I have chronic insomnia and have tried many (read: many) sound apps to help me fall asleep. iDream is so far my absolute favorite. I set the 'brown noise' to run for an hour and I'm usually asleep within that time. (Funny name but it's a low frequency static.)

Timehop - Sync up all of your social media to this app and Timehop shows you what you were doing one, two, three, four (etc.) years ago on this day. 

OverDrive - My local library participates with OverDrive, which lets me download books to my Kindle. I get one week to read them before they 'expire' and disappear from my list of books. I love this app because let's face it, sometimes I'm too lazy to pop down to the library.

Speed Anatomy Lite - Yes, it is kinda weird to have a skinless head staring at me every time I look at my phone but this app helps keep my anatomy game sharp. 

SmartPay - If you live anywhere on the East coast, download this app and you can save $0.10 per gallon at Cumberland Farms. And if you have a Jeep with big ass tires who guzzles gas like there's no tomorrow, you can end up saving quite a few bucks by the end of the year.

WW - I started Weight Watchers again about 2 weeks ago (down 6 pounds for the win!). Their app is super user friendly. It also has a barcode scanner so if you're out at the store you can simply scan and see how many points an item is. It also tracks exercise, water consumption and a host of other things.

Fitbit - I love my little Fitbit Flex and wear it every day. This app syncs via Bluetooth and tracks your daily steps. You can set up challenges with friends who also have a Fitbit

What apps are you guys using? Anything new and interesting? Any fun new games?