Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Over the past 4 and a half months or so, I've been seeing Elise's #100DayProject pep talks pop up in her IG feed. At first I thought, what a rad idea, but I don't have nearly enough time to contribute to this (third shift workers you know what I mean). It wasn't until I was listening to one of Elise's podcasts on the way to work one night when I realized that I could do this and I do have the time. But what to do for 100 days?

A little background story: Rick is moving in next month. Which means I need to clean out the spare room for the kids. Which means I need to get rid of a metric shit ton (actual unit of measure) of random craft supplies that I haven't done ANYTHING with in... well I've been back in MA for over 2 years so that should give you an idea. Which means I get to craft AND get rid of said stuff. Win win situation, amiright?

My #100DayProject will be starting on August 12th and ending on November 20th. Kinda gives you perspective on time, huh?

And the details:
I will be crafting one handmade greeting card each day for 100 days. I will not go out and buy any scrapbook stuff even if Michael's is having a HUGE sale. I will post each card on here and on Instagram.

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Find me on IG: @jlatini or #100dayprojectjlatini 

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