Sunday, August 21, 2016 Sale!

In case you guys didn't know, is having a 20%-40% off sale on all of their American Crafts products! I know I said I wasn't going to buy anymore scrapbook stuff so I'll just share my top picks for items I would buy. You know, if I was buying them.

You guys!!!! Skinny washi!!!
heart eyes all over
On sale for $5.59

Travel + Feathers for the win!
On sale for $5.19

Bright colors + patterns + more feathers? Yes, please!
On sale for $11.99

Floral Doc Martins + Constellations = <3
On sale for $3.99

Becky darling, make this in a 12x6 and it's mine!
On sale for $19.99

Pretty pastels + bold colors I need you.
On sale for $3.99

Wander + travel + beautiful colors. Perfect for my PL album.
On sale for $23.99

Hexagons + maps + cross stitch. Who needs anything else?
On sale for $11.99