Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Ugh. I despise 30 day challenges, yet I have two of them on my 101 list. Oh well. Up for next month is the #30DaysofSquats Challenge. I downloaded the Squat Challenge app from iTunes and plan on using it to keep track (and keep me motivated.) It's got a pretty basic design (main page, challenge page, squat exercise page where they break down different types of squats and random other crap.) The great thing about it is that it was free. The bad thing about it is the ads that pop up sometimes. You can pay to remove them but really, it's not that much of a bother. 

I was thinking about taking before and after measurements and photos but I'm pretty sure the universe doesn't really wanna be staring at my ass plastered on my blog. Maybe if I see enough results I will. This is your only warning, folks.