Friday, September 2, 2016


Apparently, after going through some boxes, I don't have nearly the amount of scrapbooking supplies that I thought I had. At least not the stuff I want to get rid of. I still have some more boxes to go through but that can wait for a later date. So I'm switching up my #100DayProject. The whole point of me doing this was to:
a) get rid of excess stuff
b) create something every day

And I'm still doing both. I unearthed a huge box of jewelry supplies the other day so the next couple of weeks will be all about that. In fact, after not creating jewelry for so long, I'm kinda itching to get back into it. So sorry about the switch up. But sometimes life throws you a curve ball. You can either give up or yell 'Plot Change!' and move on.

And I'm movin' on.

#100DayProject: Day 022 will be up later this morning :)