Thursday, September 22, 2016

101 Update: The Album

I wanted some way to document my 101 List other than just online. Originally I thought about doing a photo book from Blurb but wanted to be able to work on something over time. The 101 project is over two and a half years and you can learn more about it and see my other posts here

I decided to go ahead and use a We R Memory Keepers 6x12 album in brown. I am able to document each of my goals as I check them off and those that are in process, such as my movie goal. In Photoshop, I made a grid and added .jpegs of movie posters I found online. I was able to print them out and slide them right into the pockets. Whenever I went to the movies, I made sure to keep the stubs and added them to the album when I got home. The plan was to print out a single movie poster, instead of the collage if I had the stub. As you can see, I have some catching up to do.

Stubs waiting patiently for their corresponding movie poster.

Sad to say the last movie Rick and I went to was back in January! We need a movie date stat!

Another goal on my list was to go on a tour of a brewery. Enter Sam Adams. The label at the top is actually your ticket to get in. Made sure to save that. After the tour I checked out the gift shop and picked up these oval stickers of the different varieties of Sam Adams beer. I colored matched them to a PL card, printed some photos and into the pocket they went. 

The start of my book list. Another thing that needs to be updated. I'll probably use Photoshop to make another grid for the top and bottom pockets.

Number 29 on my list was to attend a Red Sox game, which I was able to do twice. The top and bottom cards are a panoramic that I cut in half and added some Thickers to. I used my red Staedtler pen to color them in. 

For the back side I included a coaster from the bar I visited prior to the game and cut  & adhered a portion of the ticket. I also included my MBTA commuter rail tickets as well. 

Close up of the bottom pockets.

I'm still not sure if I'll add the corresponding goal numbers to each. Might add a list of the 101 goals at the beginning, maybe with a velum flyleaf. And as long as I still have room in the album, I'll be adding my next 101 list to this one as well. 

Anyone else participating in the 101 list?