Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Inkwell Press Flex Planner

I am FOREVER on the hunt for the perfect planner. Filofax, Erin Condren, Emily Ley. I've tried them all. Here's some things I noticed. I like the spiral bounds, but I like the flexibility of the three (or 6) ring more. While I do like color, I also like no color so I can control what color goes where and when. I need lines. Horizontal works better for me than vertical. 

Recently I noticed a few planner on IG that caught my eye. Where is that from?!
Enter Inkwell Press. After perusing their site I decided on the midyear Livewell Flex Planner in the multi-color triangle design. It shipped super fast and was packaged with all sorts of goodies.

I am in love with this planner. It's got lines! And while it does have color, the scheme is muted and not all up in your face. Each month has a planning mission board with a bunch of colored hexagons where you can add stuff for home, health, social activities, finances, me time and more. There's also a whole lined page for notes and ramblings.

Towards the back of the book there's a crapload of extra pages that include a monthly bill tracker, gift lists, travel plan pages, and lots of grid paper.

The Flex also comes with a handy snap out place marker. Really there's so many good things about this planner. To check out more (and their new 2017 planner) head over to Inkwell Press. 

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*all photos by Inkwell Press